Wednesday, August 12, 2009

St. Tropez essentials.. beauty in a FAB lux bag

PACK a BAG for St. Tropez… [or just pretend]

a luxury oasis in a South of France tradition...

... a sheer bleu, blanc, rouge, a happy artistic, and a little bling (silver and gold)

Fashion + Story: Brigitte Segura
Prop Stylist: Brian Ciabotti Research: Sarah Freiseis

a bag for St. Tropez

boundless history of CHIc in celebration in Art + Culture

a St. Tropez look is always in season...

by brigitte segura the St. Tropez look is always fresh in the summer...
sheer, blanc, french blue, rouge, happy artistic, and a little bling (silver and gold)...

1. take your passion for St. Tropez style to a new domestic destination sans l'Hôtel Byblos...
MICHAEL KORS sheer white voile

2. for the Art + French Heritage addicts...
Hand-crafted luxury from D. Porthault bag + matching printed beach towel in MATISSE print...

3. Simply shining...
TANIA SPINELLI silver ankle strap thongs, Sandals with a real shine!

4. oh go pretend...Take the [LISA HOFFMAN] travelling SPA with you... trying
to keep her SPA habit while travelling on location with husband, Dustin
Hoffman, LISA HOFFMAN created a 10-step travellin' affordable
luxury carry-on spa facial system... for about $20 you can take this 10-steps to beauty + smile

5. for touch up fragrant polish... aromatic Hair Sheets from Ted Gibson with
Scent of wild orchid to moisturize dry ends on
the go... silver little package


101 ways to use RODIAL GLAM BALM...need we say more-

Rodial Skincare glam balm

7. WOW! you're SO skinny beach...Rodial Skincare Skinny Beach SPF 15, Tinted

what's your secret? An instant tan and toner--what else do you want?
and a couple of sticks for the road...

oh go pretend... at you new domestic destination

Caperino &Peperone.. a round world exhibition: 14 windows
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