Monday, August 25, 2008

F.I.T. High School Collections/ Events Fall 2007


Fashion Ledge - F.I.T. High School Collections/ Events Fall  2007 SPACER

Written by: Brigitte Segura and Sarah Freiseis

High School of Fashion Industries Annual Fashion Show

Hot..Hot..Hot talent at the High school of Fashion Industries senior show…an inspiring show opener for students and attendees alike. Tracey Reese was presented with the Designer of the Year award by Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley.

The evening showcased the work of the dedicated, ambitious, and outstanding seniors, yes, high school seniors, and recognized 12 students as Golden Needle winners.

The designers fused creative ideas with practical construction and with a keen understanding of color that embraced industry expectations. We had fun watching the pieces on the entertainingly choreographed models as they maneuvered in patterns down the runway to the upbeat tunes.

These students are in good hands. A knowledgeable staff, an established industry support system and first rate training. The students are ready to continue their studies, which we are sure will lead to careers in fashion.

We applaud the Fashion Crafts Educational Commission, Co-chair Robert di Mauro for coordinating this event.