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VPL Spring 2007 Collection: From High Tide To High Tide

VPL Spring 2007 Collection: From High Tide To High Tide

By all means visible, I want to see more, more, and more of Designer Victoria Bartlett's Visible Panty Line sportswear collection. The spring 2007 collection: FROM HIGH TIDE TO HIGH TIDE runway show came full circle as it guided the audience from concept to completion.

She has once again proved that off site shows are on'
Quirky themes and interesting spaces provide the perfect blend to showcase the line in raw form. A hip and quite chic crowd mingled as the seats began to fill and became peppered with familiar faces such as stylist Pat Fields. The show was held at the Exchange, a renovated warehouse space with clean white walls baring not much more than a splatter paint design, 'NO DIVING SIGNS' and a yellow and white swim lane' just enough ambience without creating a distraction.

The show included 36 looks, each piece standing out individually, but together forming a cohesive group that flowed from one to the next almost effortlessly. Several pieces paid homage to the nautical, not only in fluid drape and silhouette but also in the more structured pieces as well by including pirate pants, tunics,
jodpurs, and a barnacle bra. Victoria explained the collaboration as 'a celebration of the polymorphism of matter and the tender boundaries between solid and liquid'

VPL Spring 07' Looks

VPL Spring 07' Looks

The spring color palette was comprised of muted tones of cream, pink, lavender, nude, and grey, a nice pure white and a few accents of black, chocolate and this fantastic orange. Sleeves, knickers and pockets featured round peplum shapes created with varying densities of gathers. The flowing dresses were fantastically draped and cascaded beautifully. Many of the pieces, including a few of the dresses were softly accented of with belting. Surprisingly, the belting provided cleanliness to the looks without breaking the fluidity and integrity of the piece. I particularly fancied the camel top that bore a bit of splash paint on the left sleeve, teamed with orange shorts, and a belt.

A span of fabrics were represented, though some quite tactfully in minimal amounts. Somehow Victoria managed to introduce a few wovens, like satin and cotton voile, without compromising the impression of her infamous jersey pieces.
Detailing with cute little white shank buttons and oversized snap closure as
accents could have posed as an interruption but once again fell into place modestly.

And since no look is complete without accessories it is necessary to factor them in when transforming a garment into a look. Necklaces made of chunky clear glass, frayed rope-like adornments, and sashes sporting the splatter paint prints were nice additions.

Many of the models were somewhat alternative looking girls but styled very cleverly with smart hair and fresh faced make up. This made for an intriguing combination that played off the collection quite well. Many of the girls toted white or tan oversized bags, flat midcalf boots with peek-a-boo toe and heel exposures as they strutted along with the music. The music enhanced the show by mixing up fun beats and some sound bytes of familiar water related music just for amusement. Not too poppy and not hard, fluid just like the line. At the finale all came out carrying clear plastic umbrellas' ah precious!

In its entirety stylist Brigitte Segura described the collection as 'ultra chic modern, exuding an understated elegance, with a persistent sense of femininity.'

Bravo Victoria Bartlett. The line that was founded in 2003 and started as a part of the underwear market has transformed into a sportswear line that purposefully combines form and function of the two ideas. The Spring 07' collection did not disappoint, its inspiration translated delightfully on the runway. Sure to appeal to seafarers and land dwellers alike, myself included. So say ta-ta to the notion of invisible panty lines' bring on the VPL.

By Sarah A. Freiseis
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