Monday, August 25, 2008

Unruly Heir NY Fashion Week Spring 2008
Fashion Ledge - Unruly Heir NY Fashion Week Spring  2008
Written by: Brigitte Segura and Sarah Freiseis
Photos: Raymond Taylor

There was a hot youthful party-like unruliness in the air…only ten looks to share…every last one got a twice-over stare…

Clothes for cool cats and sophisticated chaps…handsome and hunky…saunter and swagger in a man-version of “shabby chic.”

Seer-sucker hoodies, suits, and plaid shorts they wear…all mixed up with a little scruff …they’re so cool…they just don’t care…

We have high hopes for heir…we’ll watch them grow…if only we could find a chair…anywhere…we wouldn’t have our visibility obscured by the riffraff at the affair…

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