Monday, August 25, 2008

Ports 1961 NYFashion Week Fall 2008
Fashion Ledge - Ports 1961 NYFashion Week Fall  2008
Written by: Brigitte Segura and Sarah Freiseis
Photos: Publicist

back to nature and mystical landscapes…
Tia Cibani tells us of lassair…
with a gallant charm and a touch of whimsy.

modernly chic days...
classically proper dressing…
captivating in camel coat with cowl back.
a sculpted sleeveless jacket with limerick pencil skirt… neat.

staying sexy… keeping cozy…
earthy tones of sycamore and cork…
layering touches of faux fur
a fringe splendor on a stole… fuzzy necklace… wicked fun!!

textures of chunky tonal yarns drape playfully in colors of midnight and hunter
billowing tie-dyed plaids…
buckled in carved wood…
a blanket or bandeau

velvety volume... perfect petals…
secretly sassy dresses… and frocked for a noble night.

Inquiries: Company: Ports 1961
Designer: Tia Cibani
601 W. 26th St. #875
NYC 10001
Phone: 212-247-9299
FAX: 212-414-1053

PRESS: Atelier Creative Services, Inc.
161 West 54th St
NYC 10019
Phone: 212-247-9299