Thursday, May 28, 2009


Organic sun care for your skin...the green team...

sarah freiseis

Eco-sun worshipers...
here's a vegan- friendly variation of sunscreens and self-tanners...

Chocolate Sun Organics has created a range of products...
organics using wild crafted botanicals and herbs...
Chemical lanolin or mineral oils...
(self tanners use sugar beets to give a sun kissed glow)

Chocolate Sun Organic products

Photo: courtesy of Dyad Photography

Sunday, May 24, 2009

SPRING [CLEAN] into fashion...RECYCLE

A little extra time on your hands?
So, you always wanted to be a designer;
by brigitte segura

-those T’s you can’t live without have holes in the wrong places; that ‘hanky’ inherited from grandma is gathering dust and you still can’t let go

Start your spring cleaning!… our favorite sustainable couture maverick, Natalie Chanin (Alabama Chanin couture) shares her techniques in an inspiring and easy-to-follow ALABAMA STITCH BOOK celebrating sustainability with hand-sewing, quilting and embroidery…

This [step-by-step] guide has visuals (so you can keep watching the reruns at the same time)… and includes stencils, beading and appliqué techniques, and actual patterns ready to help you cut-up, create and haute embellish an original RECYCLED design you can call your OWN
…and since all your favorite photos du jour are now on-line, you can get (crafty) with passé pics on paper… just stencil, bead them, and give them away… don’t you feel better already?
ALABAMA STITCH BOOK by Natalie Chanin with Stacie Stukin, $35 is available on-line at…

Sunday, May 10, 2009

for SAVVY MOMS... help your back

by Dr. Susan Eisen,

For all the savvy mothers out there... If you are experiencing chronic pain due to a hectic busy lifestyle... kids, chores, work all giving a sad tight achy upper and lower back, this kit will address all of your problems in an eco-friendly organic recycled cotton bag perfect for the beach or food shopping! The includes an exercise band with laminated card detailing "6 essential band exercises to alleviate chronic pain in the upper back" and two pre-rolled bamboo organic towel for spinal molding in the neck and low back along with laminated instructions. The kit also includes an easy to read detailed guide explaining how to reduce chronic inflammation in the body and promote health and wellness.

Dr. Eisen is the Health Editor for

Saturday, May 9, 2009

BALD [is now] MORE BEAUTIFUL with a new gadget...

by brigitte segura

goodbye comb-over
hair"…hello BALD + BEAUTIFUL
…for those [22+ million] men out there that "shave" their head,

[CONAIR] has created a CLEAN HEAD groomer (with flexing foils)
that considers the curves of the [smooth-scalped] population…

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


In an addendum to WhatsWear’s four-part series on lashes, Brigitte Segura reports on a special one-day online preview sale of Maybelline’s newest offering in mascara technology.

So LUSH! Are those your “real” lashes? For those of us in need of a little pick me-up - and quickly, please - there’s a new pulse techno-cool enough for us to skip the high-end department store cosmetics counter. It’s an innovative Maybelline variation of a vital make-up bag essential. ...