Monday, August 31, 2009



as reported by sarah freiseis

Fashion Daily Mag is happy to share that our friends at Fashion Wire Press will be the official 'house' photographer for Portland Fashion Week (October 7-11, 2009).  FWP is sure to bring this event to the 'next level' with an exciting visual journey that we've come to know and respect from them.

Fashion Wire Press CEO, Ed Kavishe, believes, "Talented and innovative designers exist in all corners of the world. I have been following the surge of Portland Fashion Week with keen interest from New York -- the high quality of set-production and national and international designers... We decided to extend our already long runway shooting season past Paris fashion week, by adding Portland because we believe in what FWP is doing for the industry and love to capture and spread the gospel on it."

Well then, we're always supporting young + new talent, and what better way then tapping into a city that's getting some heavy buzz.  Portland Fashion week has been gaining speed steadily since it's launch in 2003.  Our very own Brigitte Segura had this to say, "besides it's very green there, 'eco' is a no longer a minor league player and can hold it's own as a major market."

We're excited to see how things develop.  Brava, Fashion Wire Press... see you next month at the New York shows!

Friday, August 28, 2009

FOTz so clever...and I Mean...What?!?

so HOW does SLANG get DUBBED?
brigitte segura + sarah freiseis = b+s heart?

Fotz: a sarcastic reference to something ... or someone that “thinks” they are fascinating...
et franchement... FASCINATING is now DUBBed  to FOTZinating at Fashion Daily Mag: 
tres NOUVEAU-appropriate for our upcoming MB fashion week NY spring '10 show commentaries.

Clever as they come...we'd like to help our friend [ABE 'i mean what'-ism] fotz his way into the urban dictionary...
[We loved some of the] FOTz referrences du jour on I mean What?!

Yigal Azrouel's refernce to Puss In Boots on the I.M.W. Not Bessed Dressed List at the CFDA Awards
Yigal Azrouel's reference to Puss In Boots on the I.M.W. Not Bessed Dressed List at the CFDA Awards - I mean..What?

Madonna's outfit at the Costume Institute Gala was FOTZ -on I mean...What?!
Michelle Obama waves to crowds of people waiting to catch a glimpse of the first lady during her trip to London. Photo: Jeremy Selwyn/Evening Standard/ZUMA Press - I mean...What?!
Michelle Obama waves to crowds of people waiting to catch a glimpse of the first lady during her trip to London. Photo: Jeremy Selwyn/Evening Standard/ZUMA Press - I mean...What?!
"...I am doing this is because today’s article in The New York Times Style section is all about slang... Many of you know by now that I have coined  “fotz” as one of my Abe-isms, and there are many applications to this I tried to submit “fotz” to the urban Dictionary and was rejected- I found out that anyone can accept or reject terms."

we [b+s] CAN't  help but giggle at this discovery - Fotz is a colloquialism for Fotze
a 'slap in the face' in Austria...

want more FOTz?



Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Back-to-School COOL...pack your bag(s) for the occasion.
Messenger bag, nap sack, hip pouch...what's your style? reported by: sarah freiseis
All-purpose back-packs that POP in a variety of prints and colors,
and additional storage with accesories for between classes or after the bell rings.Not just for the back to school crowd... shop the back to school sale for yourself!

Kipling USA
twitter: brigitte segura

Sunday, August 23, 2009


a PAIN-FREE FASHION WEEK …tips for tired feet by Dr. Susan Eisen D.C.

a FASHIONISTA FIRST AID KIT for all of you ladies (and gents) about to enter the war zone called NY Fashion Week…
Stay camera-ready and keep the smile on – no need to show your “wearing
heals in pain” face… Dr. Susan Eisen D.C. is a holistic chiropractor
specializing in treating the fashion and entertainment crowd, and
gives us some tips to keep our feet happy for the upcoming IMG Mercedes Benz Fashion week Spring 2010 collections
story by: Dr. Susan Eisen and Brigitte Segura

Be prepared… Design your own [pain-free] kit!

L’OCCITANE Aromachologie Revitalizing Cream Gel or SPONGE skin care for tired fashionista feet… Nexcare waterproof band-aids for blisters (the only brand that really sticks), a small bottle of ADVIL for hangover relief – remember to take it BEFORE SLEEP to avoid the hangover, and most importantly…

PACK flip flops & heels for running to those‘important’ shows off-site… and carry all of these things in a proper ergonomic bag so that you don’t need to run to the chiropractor in a
broken heap!

One of our favorite finds at fashion daily mag is the Shusokumb bag with hidden pockets on the inside- perfect for heels, flip flops, your first-aid kit, and even the bottle of water you keep forgetting under your seat. AND it unzipps flat, so you can actually lay it on a flat surface OPEN and see everything SANS le digging! read the whole story on fashion daily...

Bliss World, LLC

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

St. Tropez essentials.. beauty in a FAB lux bag

PACK a BAG for St. Tropez… [or just pretend]

a luxury oasis in a South of France tradition...

... a sheer bleu, blanc, rouge, a happy artistic, and a little bling (silver and gold)

Fashion + Story: Brigitte Segura
Prop Stylist: Brian Ciabotti Research: Sarah Freiseis

a bag for St. Tropez

boundless history of CHIc in celebration in Art + Culture

a St. Tropez look is always in season...

by brigitte segura the St. Tropez look is always fresh in the summer...
sheer, blanc, french blue, rouge, happy artistic, and a little bling (silver and gold)...

1. take your passion for St. Tropez style to a new domestic destination sans l'Hôtel Byblos...
MICHAEL KORS sheer white voile

2. for the Art + French Heritage addicts...
Hand-crafted luxury from D. Porthault bag + matching printed beach towel in MATISSE print...

3. Simply shining...
TANIA SPINELLI silver ankle strap thongs, Sandals with a real shine!

4. oh go pretend...Take the [LISA HOFFMAN] travelling SPA with you... trying
to keep her SPA habit while travelling on location with husband, Dustin
Hoffman, LISA HOFFMAN created a 10-step travellin' affordable
luxury carry-on spa facial system... for about $20 you can take this 10-steps to beauty + smile

5. for touch up fragrant polish... aromatic Hair Sheets from Ted Gibson with
Scent of wild orchid to moisturize dry ends on
the go... silver little package


101 ways to use RODIAL GLAM BALM...need we say more-

Rodial Skincare glam balm

7. WOW! you're SO skinny beach...Rodial Skincare Skinny Beach SPF 15, Tinted

what's your secret? An instant tan and toner--what else do you want?
and a couple of sticks for the road...

oh go pretend... at you new domestic destination

Caperino &Peperone.. a round world exhibition: 14 windows

Monday, August 10, 2009

Woodstock at 40: Fields of Fashion -


Woodstock at 40: Fields of Fashion -

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for MARA HOFFMAN RESORT 10 swim coverage, see fashion daily mag:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

VERT for healthier beauty gone green...

VERT for Luxe beauty …healthier gone green

commentary:  brigitte segura

VERT - a must-stop-and-shop ultra-luxe ECO-Chic Beauty Boutique offering “in demand” products from around the world…

A sunny space on trendy Abbott Kinney in Venice, California, frequented by ‘SUSTAINABLE’ shoppers like Molly Sims, Alicia Silverstone, and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

VERT boutique

VERT boutique

The store’s ECO-contemporary interior stocks natural + organic: fragrances, make-up, gifts, skin care products.

In promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle,  Celebrity make-up artist [and
VERT owner] Renata Helfman embraces the overall benefits of a
chemical-free environment.

Renata personally endorses items that come through her doors… much like the FASHION DAILY MAG motto,
“don’t talk about it until you try it,” and Brigitte Segura’s added
view “do your homework, and certainly don’t talk about it – unless it’s
got a feel good element that makes a difference …” [the feel-good series].


Carrying luxury green-friendly products including some fashion
daily mag favorites like  fresh-faced nATURAL beauty from JOSIE MARAN, 
L’Artisan Parfumer, Naturopathica, Nuxe, and Me & Ro… a more
universal ECO Buzz -essence of natural beauty with no lux compromise…

Vert Boutique Los Angeles

Vert Boutique Los Angeles

Passing on their discoveries vers le chemin VERT (with a GREENer direction)… both giving expert advice to clients through seminars, lectures, and consultations.

It’s all about conscious commitment to beautification… aiming to keep LUXe-beauty and lifestyle for the whole family -just greener... [with babies and pooches included].  Catch up with


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quicksilver and the Standard Hotel Limited edition board shorts f

the Standard Hotel + Quicksilver Limited edition board shorts from a Vending machine?

Submitted by BrigitteHOT-on! a STANDARD bold tradition

and new collaborative… WHAT? by brigitte segura

Boardshort Vending Machine at the standard
Bikini Back Quiksilver retro shorts

…vending machines located poolside with QUICKSILVER 70’s boardshorts -REISSUEd a STANDARD limited edition

only 250 pieces made of each are available [in case you dropped your drawers] or having a HOLLYWOOD brief moment.

the new STANDARD BOARDSHORT + bikini edition is also available on line

does this mean no more black hugging trunks poolside accompanying the bloody mary’s?

Quiksilver retro shorts 3 fashion daily mag Danny Kwock 1980 in Newport BeachHEAR THE SOUND FROM STANDARD [CLICK TO PLAY]…
…inspired by the colorful 70s + 80s ERA of flashy wetsuits + surfboards (pioneered by pro surfer Danny Kwock) MESHed with new patterns inspired by the [4] Standard hotels… in Hollywood, Downtown LA, Miami, and NEW YORK…

HAPPEN to be in TOWN in AUGUST? – Official launch pool party on the
rooftop of The Standard Downtown LA on August 8…kicking off  the Aug
8-16 ECHO BEACH RETROSPECTIVE, 1978-1982: Surf Culture Art Exhibition show [art + photo + film + vintage beachwear + surfboards]… currated by Will Pennartz of SURF GALLERY at
the Standard
Apothica LLCHotel-Summer

A CHIC accessory REVIVAL... a little splurge = a BIG smile...


A CHIC accessory REVIVAL… a little splurge = a BIG smile… Karen Millen + Fratelli Rossetti…


fratelli rosetti 1

CHIC neutral accessories add timeless glamour to your style…It’s not just about a label anymore…

SOME new distinctive details can revive your old(er) favorite pieces with a new  boost of sophistication…

A CHIC accessory REVIVAL… a little splurge = a BIG smile…

(clockwise from top, center)
  1. large tote in tan leather, $795, GRETCHEN
  2. poshbox handbag in ivory, $350, KAREN MILLEN
  3. moto half gloves in cognac, $200, and
  4. summer driving gloves in moss, $175,  both by GRETCHEN
  5. round and ring bracelet, both by BRYNN HUDSON
  6. big round silver hand-carved tagua ring, $175, TAGUA
  7. three-color suede lace-up shoes, $550, FRATELLI ROSSETTI… 625 Madison Avenue, NYC
  8. Crocodile belt in taupe from VENEXIANA
  9. origami… julien segura