Thursday, July 16, 2009

EYE catching the lifting wonders...

EYE can see the difference... no puffy eyes here...
[Fashion Daily Mag Beauty Bits]... the EYE lifting wonders The Organic Pharmacy Lifting eye gel, Avocate eye repair, Korres eye Creams, Biore See the Future...

story: Brigitte Segura
written by: Sarah Freiseis
prop stylist: Brian Ciabotti

['from mother nature , helping you defy father time...']
'make your skin happy beautiful and nourished' with a chock full o' FRUIT + NUTs

Korres Materia Herba moisturising cream- anti-dark circles FAST acting -smooths puffy eyes and dark circles [giving + moisture of 52% within 2 hours]...and shows a decrease in pigmentation in 28 days...

href="" id="hyc0" target="_blank" title="The Organic Pharmacy is the first pharmacy in the world dedicated to healthy skin using organic products and treatments. INTRODUCED to NYC at New London Pharmacy, 8th avenue and 23rd street in Chelsea...The Organic Pharmacy specialise ONLY in herbal, homeopathic and organic skin care and supplements, and are fully registered with The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.">Organic Pharmacy Lifting eye gel - ultra-light, refreshing and really does firm, tone + lift... Aloe boosts collagen, Bilberry to reduce puffiness. Persian Rose refreshes & revitalises even the most tired eyes. Not cheap - so worth it.

thompson chemists is SOHO's neighborhood pharmacy located on Thompson street and Prince...">Korres anti-aging eye cream (with green tea + algae) ... 95% natural..for those seeking great herbal remedies for expression lines... "decreases lines, smoothes and gives a lasting hydration" - results within 15 days of use..
If you are what you eat, then TRY a new side of avocado [oil] AVOCATE collagen intensive eye repair helps fine lines, crepeness under the eye...
BIORE See the Future™ ...for in-between-skin...(a little commercial) too young for heavy anti-aging? Potent yet lightweight, Fortifying eye cream is designed to reinforce and revitalize for the first place that shows signs of inbetween skin: your vulnerable eye area.

How to Pack a Hampton’s Bag: 12 Essentials Towel (Not Included)

by Brigitte Segura

For native islandistas turned city dwellers nothing beats a mini escape like a weekend at the The Hamptons in Long Island, New York. The luxe suburban hideaway with small town charm and name recognition has blossomed into a staple environment for high profile celebrities and even higher profiled outdoor events.
So how do you pack for a restful weekend in a popular beach town without going on product overboard or WORSE- abandoning all sense of style sanity? Brigitte Segura offers 12 simple steps for packing your Hamptons Weekender:
1 . The bag says everything about your personality; STAND out in a JANE MARVELous cheery printed weekender – lightweight and water-resistant with lots of pockets
2 . The SHOE makes the outfit…lucky green patent thongs from LACOSTE take you fashionably through the sand and give a little DESIGNER ‘lift’ on the deck or the local hangout
3 A swimsuit is always appropriate in yellow- LISA CURRAN – fitting a range to feel secure, and with the Italian workmanship and fabrication, you won’t mind wearing it all day (and night) as your flirty ‘bra’ substitute.
4. LISA CURRAN packs a double punch with a little floral number inclusive of a flattering drop waist and string to make it short enough to ‘show a little leg’ walking on the beach. It also converts into a perfect little dress after hours. LIFESAVER-it rolls into a couple of inches in your bag.
5. Start your day with ‘PRIVET BLOOM’ HAMPTONS SUN shower gel. Smells like a sea breeze-feels like you’ve already been there for days.
6. LUX smart SUN PROTECTION- you wouldn’t dare use body lotion on your face, why go there with sunscreen? We love HAMPTONS SUN super hydrating SPF 15 face cream–non-greasy fragrance free with aloe vera, chamomile + zin… Put it on as your face cream and go out!
7. NOURISH your hair with JF LAZARTIQUE- leave -in conditioner in a spritz with Shea butter. This is easy to use with an added moisturizing protection for the hair. It is great to ‘touch up’ after the sun or before usual styling…

8. So now that you’ve soaked up the sun, what do you do? It’s just as important to protect and hydrate your skin immediately after sun exposure. We’ve come a long way since the neon aloe-vera cooling gel...AVENE (French products for sensitive skin) has a REPARATEUR APRES –SOLEIL with a soothing effect and baby lotion scent. It neutralizes the sticky feeling of your skin after a day in the sun.
9. SERIOUS SHIMMER cooling spray –HAMPTONS SUN in bronze; now this is the light “glimmering” effect for the body! This after sun “splash” of fragrance and protection in a light spray is now available at Space NK. Apothecary US + UK.
10. City make-up DOESN’T look good at the beach or work with your glowing skin. STAY Hamptons glamorous with JOSIE MARAN. She has it down with the ‘natural’ look- our favorites picks to beautify and get the look of liquid gold… JOSIE MARAN tinted moisturizer with SPF 30 is made with organic agran oil (to heal skin) and pomegranate and grape seeds- cover up spots. GO a shade darker than usual to blend into your newly sun-kissed tone.
11. FINGER PAINTS IN LOVELY from Josie – this cool compact is just that- finger paints to help ‘highlight’ and add color. 4 creamy colors for eyelids, cheeks, and lips – a light touch = beautiful glow – intensify into evening… no one will notice- just adding more bronze and highlights in the right places...
12. Looking for full “sun-kissed‘ lips? The final touch – JOSIE MARAN lip gloss in ‘Daring’ – a dab of color gloss with shimmering gold – perfectly NATURAL with a tan- and plump? Those are your lips, naturally plumped from being in the sun; (keep the mascara at home)...

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