Monday, August 20, 2012

brigitte segura UPDATES | what I've been up to including SOCIALS!
this is a little view of some things we've been doing, and hopefully answers some of your email questions,  feel free to contact me for specifics, and please follow if you like!!! thanks so much, happy browsing.  xoxo- b

so excited about our new 'face' at FashionDailyMag.  any thoughts? we'd love some comments.

FashionDailyMag got a new LOOK! 
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CONSULTING | brand strategy | social media 
*pls note, most clients I consult with prefer to remain 'private' therefore this is just a little view.  you may contact me directly if you would like to inquire: RE: consulting | brand strategy.    

if you are trying to contact us for new submissions kindly note:  use,  and put 'new submission' in RE.  please take a minute to look at our sites and see if we are a match before you send us email pitches for 'NEW' submissions.

during september, 2012 please note we are all about fashion week and will not be processing any new fashion or beauty submissions.  your email will not be answered, but we are happy to take a look early october. 
for internships: re | attn:  SARAH | internships