Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SWIM + be SEEN story continuing on with MARA HOFFMAN

FDM takes a peek at MARA HOFFMAN resort 2011
story by brigitte segura
these MARA HOFFMAN prints are NOT wallflowers: SEXY and modern patterns are flirty, not fruity… inspired by colors + NATURE in her travels with MARA’s spirited COOL make for a fresh resort 2011 statement, easy to wear EDGE… by brigitte segurano wonder the likes of CELEBs like JLO, Katy Perry, Halle Berry, Whitney Port, Khloe Kardashian, Tinsley Mortimer, RIHANNA, Selena Gomez, Drew Barrymore, Lauren Conrad and Eva Longoria Parker have been sporting the UNIQUE [engineered] patterned dresses + FDM favorite leggings…

continuing our summer swim stories... part 3 SWIM + be SEEN featuring MARA HOFFMAN
FDM takes a peek at MARA HOFFMAN resort 2011

Straight v. Curly…Be good to your hair --take (the right) care

GET the right products for curly hair or straight hair
story + beauty: brigitte segura
prop stylist: brian ciabotti
written by: sarah freiseis

Let your Hair do' its thing - J.F. Lazartique, Philip B. and Davines LOVE lovely curl
Some of us our blessed with versatile hair, others need a little more positive reinforcement...Start with right product to go natural...get your locks in line and get the look their going for.
Something as simple as rinse, lather, repeat can alter your hair’s properties. Alternate a range of conditioners: daily, mid, to heavy depending...
LOVE your locks...tame unruly hair with Davines Love Lovely Curl Enhancing Shampoo + Conditioner. This 'perky' shampoo is excellent for wavy hair, combating harsh and frizzy hair with smoothing elements. The volumizing conditioner enhances body of curls - without weighing them down and is excellent for chemically treated and colored hair...creating shiny and soft effect. more davines feature on fashion daily...

Too much of a good thing...PHILIP B® Light-Weight Deep-Conditioning Crème is best suited for every couple of washes. This restores + hydrates, leaving hair lustrous, light, and polished by volumizing, moisturizing and detangling hair without weighing it down.

Curly, wavy or straight? j.f. lazartigue Smoothing Straightening Shampoo + Conditioner is great for all hair types, working with natural properties to eliminate the frizzy aspect of hair. The shampoo makes straightening when blow-drying or styling easier without weighing it down, and the post shampoo treatment contains gycerin for detangling and leaves hair smooth, soft, shiny, and hydrated. Both philip B. and j.f. lazartique products are available at Thompson chemists, SOHO nyc...

transform in a hurry with your hair products

5 STYLING essentials to transform your hair… in a hurry!
5 styling tools to keep handy
philip b + jf lazartigue + klorane

Less time to get ready, more work to do?

we could all use a ‘faux-fresh‘ hair adjustment + more fun time
keep a kit in the office drawer and say goodby to BAD hair days
add 5 items to your hair revival kit & combat usual environmental factors:
wind, sun and humidity…no need to compromise how you look…

just in case you're going from the office to cocktails.

story + beauty : brigitte segura 
prop stylist: brian ciabotti research: sarah freiseis

5 styling tools to keep handy
Dry Shampoo, J.F. Lazartique Styling Gel, Philip B. Anti-Frizz Formula
57 w/Natural Lavender & Jojoba Extracts Philip B. Straightening
Baume + Maui Wowie Beach Spray... beauty by Brigitte Segura-

SAY goodbye to bad hair … pull out your [emergency] 5-pc kit faux fresh and go…

take your daytime look and turn it up a notch to cool- PHILIP B® Maui Wowie beach is an all around ‘freshen-up’… go from officequiet to a tousled look for cocktail hour [or get the just-off-the beach texture anytime]- stash this must-have hair essential in the office drawer…
…had too many cocktails, woke up late? Klorane Dry Shampoo - a STYLIST’s
best-kept secret…cleans hair and gives massive volume instantly- no
water needed – [changing your hair shampoo habit forever]…
versatile and dependable for every occasion
J F Lazartigue Styling Gel, to Straighten or Curl Hair is a non-oily styling gel shapes without leaving a residue or flaking- even on dry hair… straightens hair or relaxes natural curls making your hair ‘style du jour’ easier to manage…got the annoying afternoon hair wave? PHILIP B® Drop Dead Straightening Baume reinforces the ’straight’ look and puts unruly hair ‘back
into place’… erradicates of those ‘little frizzies’ from the humidity,
and even works even on curly hair, keeping it bouncy without a build-up;
drop couple of drops miraculously wards off frizz’
Philip B. Anti-Frizz Formula 57 w/Natural Lavender & Jojoba Extracts is GLOSS and GO… smoothing, shining, revitalizing hair along the way…small enough to carry in your bag, a perfect touch up for rainy days..
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