Sunday, May 24, 2009

SPRING [CLEAN] into fashion...RECYCLE

A little extra time on your hands?
So, you always wanted to be a designer;
by brigitte segura

-those T’s you can’t live without have holes in the wrong places; that ‘hanky’ inherited from grandma is gathering dust and you still can’t let go

Start your spring cleaning!… our favorite sustainable couture maverick, Natalie Chanin (Alabama Chanin couture) shares her techniques in an inspiring and easy-to-follow ALABAMA STITCH BOOK celebrating sustainability with hand-sewing, quilting and embroidery…

This [step-by-step] guide has visuals (so you can keep watching the reruns at the same time)… and includes stencils, beading and appliqué techniques, and actual patterns ready to help you cut-up, create and haute embellish an original RECYCLED design you can call your OWN
…and since all your favorite photos du jour are now on-line, you can get (crafty) with passé pics on paper… just stencil, bead them, and give them away… don’t you feel better already?
ALABAMA STITCH BOOK by Natalie Chanin with Stacie Stukin, $35 is available on-line at…