Monday, August 25, 2008

Archetype Showroom Press Preview

Archetype Showroom Press Preview

Written by Brigitte Segura and Sarah Freiseis

We dropped by Archetype showroom’s press preview of up and coming men's, women's, and accessory designers. The essence of “cool” filled the air as we strolled through an assortment of garments and artistically displayed accessories.

The men's collections took center stage at Archetype. The lines included: Freemont, Surface to Air, Orthodox, Endovanera, and Les Magnifiques. Endovanera caught our eye… it’s the modern man’s answer to occasion dressing. With exceptional tailoring and impeccable attention to detail, the designer gives traditionally classic pieces a little more “rock star” quality. Meanwhile, the effortlessly "hip" Orthodox line pleasantly surprised us. Designer Eric Niccoli describes the line as “a synthesis between street and civility.” We dub Orthodox the official home of the manfer! That’s right, the manfer… the menswear take on the two-fer. It’s a V-neck cashmere blend sweaterknit with a sewn in woven collar. How many times do we girls fix a guy’s collar? Now we can use our time to find the right guy to fit the collar… and hmm… the knit henleys are definitely yummy. We especially loved the designer’s technique in achieving the all-over printed tees. Orthodox is the perfect blend of cool and clean with a sophisticated edge. It’s everything we wish the modern man would be.

As for the girls: another season, another collection, but ever present is that strong statement of silk charmeuse…solid, color blocked, printed… you name it. Secrets of Charm, H. Fredriksson, Freemont, and Les Magnifiques were among the collections we took a peek at. Freemont reminds us to be flirty with a surplice tunic. At H. Fredriksson we enjoyed the chic simplicity of the silk dresses as well as the feminine touches on the jackets. Les Magnifiques had super-soft racerback tunics with artsy graphics in washed down tones. We want every color combo! And how clever is the 80/20 shoe line? Since these boots were made for walkin’, why not walk a little taller. No one’s going to notice you’re cheating with a sneaky wedge in your casual “flat” boots. A couple of extra inches and an array of colors to choose from, there’s sure to be something to get you lifted!

As we looked through the jewelry lines of Surface to Air, Pretty Little Things, Digby & Iona, Dirty Librarian, and Arms and Armory, we couldn’t help but feel the romantic vibe. Surface to Air’s dark motifs turn modern as the French influence exudes in the smooth chic lines, giving a modern unisex appeal. We’re fans of the fellas, fans of the unisex, but mostly we’re fans of “Dirty Librarian.” This line has an assortment multi-chain looks. The enameled styles came in a batch of fantastic colors, particularly the “blue of the season.” The line provokes a casual kind of sexy with a sassy new renaissance approach, and there is nothing dirty about that! The wishbone and scull pendants at Arms and Armory are the perfect gift for guys…the kind of gift we girls "borrow" every chance we get. And that’s hot!

For more info:
Archetype Showroom & Gallery
676 Broadway, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212.529.1407