Monday, August 25, 2008

Studio NYC Shoes

By: Brigitte Segura

So spring, so summer, so hot.

Daytime date in the park? Oops, you forgot.

Fresh gingham espadrilles with tiny bows…striped wedges that expose your toes... off to a pedicure she goes.

Spring into fun and fashionable shoes…that won't pull on your purse strings… every New York woman knows the options are endless… even if her closet is not… if it's going to take every color to make her happy… why not? Slip into Shelley's ballerinas in every pattern…feeling guilty? (No way.) Most styles are under a hundred dollars.

Meeting a "hottie" after dark? there's always room for more thing-bling put some jewelry on your ankle…it's time to show what he outta know

These “jewels for the shoes” give a new reason to flirt with our feet. And this perky neighborhood spot is a great "pick-me-up".