Monday, August 25, 2008

Melissa Sweet New York Bridal Week Spring 2008
Fashion Ledge - Melissa Sweet New York Bridal Week Spring  2008
Written by: Brigitte Segura and Sarah Freiseis
Photos: Publicist

Out of the dreary down-pour of a grey “New York” Sunday, swept into the crisp brightness of Splashlight Studios… and gracefully ushered to our places…we felt as though we had arrived at the garden party!
Melissa Sweet understands a modern bride’s needs…with no compromise to wedding traditions…this bride’s wedding is her most memorable event.
…Gleaming with luminous natural charm and dazzling smiles, the brides went down the aisle…the designer uses luxurious taffetas, French laces and English netting…mixing old charm with delicate accents. Flirty bows, covered buttons, innocent ruffles, and crinkled silks in luminous colours bring out the “belle”… in all of us…
This dressmaker perfectly drapes and manipulates, tucks and sculpts, adding sashes and whimsical bows carefully “placed” on dresses…the fluid styles were some of our some favorites…fresh and understated…
…classic southern names like Willow, Grace, Savannah, and Violet…echo in our minds…
…”I do declare”…this Country Club bride is flawless with a refined sentiment…
Melissa Sweet offers an exquisite array of beautifully draped occasion dresses from the engagement party to bridesmaids… to great cocktail frocks. Sweet captures the cultivation of beauty with a flirtatious demeanor, bringing us to a nostalgic time…from Savannah to South Hampton, San Marino to River Oaks, this girl’s appropriately demure yet gracefully radiant...
Daddy says- "You're beautiful."… "I know,” the bride answers with that unforgettable sweet smile…
…sweet tea, mint juleps, and magnolias... “why Violet… you’re looking so lovely…”
Melissa Sweet never forgets the ‘girl’ in every bride…she reminds us of…happily ever after…SWEET!!
Retail Price Range: $ 2,500.00-$6,000.00
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About Priscilla of Boston Group:
Priscilla of Boston was founded 62 years ago by designer Priscilla Kidder, the originator of American bridal couture. Today Priscilla of Boston is internationally recognized as one of the most prestigious luxury bridal brands.